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Humane Education is the under-utilized solution to solving and resolving problems of the Human Condition. There is more than enough intelligence, wealth and commitment in this world to change the abuses we as human beings inflict upon each other.

It’s just not getting done.

 It’s time for positive change to overcome the negative status quo.

We Are Committed To Helping Humane Education Become An Essential Part Of Classroom Curriculum - And Our Everyday Lives.


Humane Education Information

Learning starts with the sharing of information. To fill that need we have various documents, audio and video to help people young and old better understand the concepts that define and explain Humane Education.

Location Is Not The Problem

Because effective and informed Humane Education is needed in all parts of the world, we strive to make our information translation-friendly so everyone can easily use the various concepts and ideas.

Stimulating Dialog And Conversation

A big part of how Humane Education will succeed is in how, when and where we all talk about it. Everyone has an opportunity to bring up these topics – they are never and should never be considered politically incorrect.

Being Committed To Action Is The Key

Everyone is a teacher whether academically trained or not. Our children learn from our words and behaviours and doing the right things can go a long way in setting correct examples for our future generations.

Drop Us a Line

Your comments and feedback are crucial to our work and goals. Feel free to share your ideas, challenges and successes in getting others to understand and accept that if we are to make the world a better place, it starts with becoming better human beings.